Introducing Krigler’s Lieber Moment 214

Lieber Moment 214 fragrance

Lieber Moment 214 fragrance

Iconic perfumer Krigler launched a new perfume Lieber Moment 214, to celebrates the 100th anniversary of their iconic fragrance Lieber Gustav 14.

Lieber Moment 214 is a romantic, nostalgic fragrance that pays homage to Krigler’s Lieber Gustav 14, an early Krigler fragrance inspired by a love letter from World War One.  The launch also marked Krigler’s first unisex fragrance, this version is smoother and more powdery than the original Lieber Gustav 14.

Krigler Lieber Moment 214 opens with fresh, sparkling Mongolian Grapefruit, Aldehyde, and calming Lavender. The scent warms with intensely sensual scents of Violet, Rose from Italy, and Ylang Ylang. At the base is rich and woody White Musk, enticing Vanilla from Reunion Island, and intoxicating Patchouli from the Philippines for a luxurious fragrance.

Price: 1.7fl.oz: $195, 3.4fl.oz: $285

Where to Purchase: The Plaza Hotel, One West 58th Street at The Plaza Hotel’s Concourse Level;


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