Review: Hydrating Body Oils from Avon and Jergens

*Guest review by Lori S. Samples were provided in exchange for an honest review. No compensation was received for this post.*

The dryness in the air has been wreaking havoc on my skin. I’ve heard that body oils are great for radiance, hydration and nourishment so I was eager to try out innovative oils from Jergens and Avon.

Avon Skin So Soft Bath Oil Spray

Avon Skin So Soft Bath Oil Spray

About Avon Skin So Soft:

Nourishes and conditions so skin feels silky soft and velvety smooth. Now with Jojoba Oil. Experience crisp botanicals and fresh herbals.

My take:

This was my first time using Avon Skin So Soft and I was very impressed with this product. I have been applying the oil to my skin after I shower and it seems to just seep into my skin and doesn’t feel greasy at all. My skin hasn’t felt this soft since I was a kid.

Jergens Shea Beauty Oil

Jergens Shea Beauty Oil

About Jergens Shea Beauty Oil:

New Jergens® Shea Beauty Oil is here to cap off your Shea Butter moisturizing routine with a unique blend of Shea Butter and Argan oil. This total body luminizer is designed to quench, hydrate and condition your skin, leaving it 6x more radiant, with a stunning sheen.

My take:

I loved the shea butter smell but found this product a little disappointing. I followed the directions of using the Jergens Shea butter lotion after using the oil. I felt that after putting the oil on, my skin felt a little dry and if I added more oil it was too oily. I didn’t find a happy medium with this product.


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