Sarah Hyland’s Edgy Up-Do: How to Get Her Look #SAGAwards #HairTutorial


Sarah Hyland’s up-do at the 2015 SAG Awards was created by celebrity hairstylist, Ryan Richman, who used KMS California products to create the edgy bun.

Here are Ryan’s tips on how to copy Sarah’s hairstyle.

1. Prep wet hair with KMS California FREESHAPE quick blow dry spray ($20.99) to lightly condition the hair and reduce drying time.

2. Apply a few pumps of KMS California TAMEFRIZZ smoothing lotion ($18.50) to smooth the cuticle and reduce frizz while drying.

3. Use a comb to distribute the product throughout the hair and set a deep side part.

4. Blow dry 1″ sections using a flat boar bristle brush while pointing the nozzle of the blow dryer downward towards the ends of the hair.

5. When the hair is dry, smooth small sections of hair with a straightening iron.

6. On the side of the part with less hair, use a brush to create a high ponytail and secure this section with an elastic.

7. Spray KMS California FREESHAPE 2-in-1 styling + finishing spray ($20.99) as you brush in order to keep the section smooth and secure.

8. Repeat these steps with the remaining hair and secure it in a low ponytail.

9. Wave and twist the two ponytails together and begin to pin the look down to the back of head using bobby pins.

10. Finish the look with KMS California FREESHAPE 2-in-1 styling + finishing spray ($20.99).


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