The Most Unpredictable Interview with YouTube Star Jenna Marbles & Larry King

jenna marbles kermit

My favorite YouTube star Jenna Marbles (along with her dog Kermit) sat down with Larry King on the Emmy nominated series Larry King Now for a hilarious interview!

Jenna also opened up about her career, running an independent YouTube channel and turning down endorsements.

“I think that with the internet the most important thing that you have is that you’re a genuine person and that people trust you and they trust that when they turn on YouTube it’s really you.”

“I like my creative freedom. I like doing everything start to finish myself and to me it just didn’t make any sense. I didn’t need any production support. I wanted to do silly things in my bedroom, so I’m doing that.”

“I think that you know working with brands and things can be great and a lot of people do it really well, but for me it feels very much like stuffing my own pockets with money and taking advantage of the people that are there to see me.”

WATCH the episode here:



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