Jessica Chastain’s Versatile Asymmetrical Bob – Get Her Look

Jessica Chastain

Celebrity hairstylist Renato Campora worked with Jessica Chastain to create a new look during the Toronto International Film Festival.

“This was pretty spontaneous. We had no plans to do a cut in Toronto, and then I saw her the night before her premiere of The Martian, and we decided to try something new. I was really inspired by Faye Dunaway’s classic bob. It has that playful, undone look and falls really nicely however it’s styled.”

“We only cut a couple of inches off, which still gave her a completely new look. You’ll notice that the front and back have some uneven pieces. We didn’t want it to be so perfect that she would be limited to wearing it any particular way. So, I did the cut from start to finish with a razor, no scissors. Using a razor gives the cut some volume and texture, and adds more dimension to the layers. It’s very short at the nape of the neck, which also adds some volume to the back.

This look is a little more playful and undone than polished, which is what we did for the Ralph Lauren show. I think it looks beautiful both ways! And I really wanted to give her a style and length that frames her gorgeous face, but also make sure she could easily maintain and play around with it when she’s off duty.”


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