Surya Brasil’s Exotic Animals Nail Polishes

*Samples were provided in exchange for an honest review. No compensation was received for this post.*

Certified vegan and never tested on animals, Surya Brasil’s Exotic Animals Nail Polishes paint your nails in splashes of nature’s wonderfully vibrant colors.

The collection, which pays homage to exotic animals like the Peacock (metallic blue) and the Flamingo (bright pink), features 16 polishes ($12 each) in unique shades as well as a Base Coat, Extra Shine Top Coat and Oil Dryer that leave your nails feeling beautiful and healthy.

I had the pleasure of testing out the polish and chose Coral Snake and White Tiger. I immediately fell in love with this brand. I liked the juicy hues, saturated color application and the fact that there wasn’t a strong odor (we are all familiar with the toxic nail polish scent that usually takes over the room). The packaging is super cute and earthy and matches the company’s focus on natural beauty.

About Surya Brasil

Surya Brasil is a Brazilian company leader in natural, organic and vegan cosmetics. Fully committed to environmental preservation, animal welfare and environmental responsibility, Surya Brasil is notably
recognized for its vegan hair coloring, vegetable-based, with high performance and natural formulations sold in over 40 countries. The products contain organic ingredients and are free of animal components and testing, with the aim of combining nature with
technology to provide beauty with health.